Saturday, February 16, 2019

February Flower #13

February Flower painting #13 is done! I'm making friends with the color violet. It's creeping into several things I'm working on these days. And I love it! This is a 9"x12"-ish thin wood panel, with an attached narrow frame around the outside. Baby, it's cold outside, but the sun is shining, so we will carry on another day!!! Cheers and happy Saturday!

Friday, February 15, 2019

February Flower #12

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  This week flew by!!!  We had a little burst of warm air for a couple of days...but it's dipped back into the single digits again.  So I'm hunkered down in the studio, painting away.  February flower painting #12 is complete!  This one was fun!  I love the corals and pinks!  Makes me happy!  It's a 12" square canvas panel tucked into a painted wooden frame.  Hope you are all doing great!  More to come!  XOXO!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February Flower #11

I told you it was a busy day in the studio....Ha!  This is February flower #11!!  A 12" square canvas panel tucked into a painted wooden frame.  I've been looking at a lot of fun folk art images...and this colorful tulip emerged from that influence.  Mostly acrylics and pastels were used.    

February Flower #10

Happy Tuesday, guys!!!  It was a busy day in the studio today, and I completed February flower painting #10!  This is another old project that never was I painted over it and created something new.  It's a 20" square canvas, and the white blooms popping off of that orange background just make me smile.  Hope you are staying warm and cozy, friends.  It's another blustery day here in Iowa.  

Monday, February 11, 2019

February Flower #9

Howdy pals!!!  Happy Monday!!!  Here's February Flower #9!  It's a 12" square canvas panel inside a painted wooden frame.  I wish you could see it up close.  There are layers of collage/old book pages peeking through the acrylics and pastel.  I had fun with these little posies.

I am a little behind in my challenge....but it looks like Mother Nature has some more snow and ice in store for us.  I'll be hunkered down in the studio for the next couple of I hope to have more to share with you shortly!  Cheers!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

February Flower #8

February flower #8 is here!!!  This is a 12"x12" stretch canvas.  It was an ugly painting that I decided to cover up with a new design. (that's the beauty of this can just keep layering)

I love me a pop of blue and yellow!!  Can you tell I'm thinking spring?  

Friday, February 8, 2019

February Flower #7

Hello and happy Friday, guys!!!!  Here's #7!  Another mini canvas...only this one is "chunky", with a 1.5" profile.  I'm digging this color palette, and GREEN is on my mind these days.  I'm thinking of greener and sunnier days on the horizon.  SIGH.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

February Flower #6

Hi gang!!!  Flower painting number 6 ended up being teeny tiny and makes me so happy!  This is a 4" square canvas.  I love how the design ended up spilling over the sides.  We got some more "ice beads" in the weather last night.  SIGH.  I'm told a little more is to fall today, and then the winds will pick up.  Oh February, you are a cruel mistress....but we shall overcome!

XOXO.  -Dori

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

February Flower #5

Good morning!  February flower #5 is all done!  This was created with acrylics and pastel on a small wood panel.  The colors were inspired by the cool, grey-ish sky these days.  I love working on wood...the scribbling and scratching is very satisfying.  I'm thinking I'll give this one a soft matte seal for a finish.  Hope you are having a good day, peeps!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February Flower #4

Happy Tuesday afternoon, friends.  As I sit here in my studio with a quilt on my lap, I'm listening to sleet coming down on the rooftop. It's looking like the roads are going to be dicey this evening, and many activities have been cancelled.  I'm glad I've got no where to go.  EEEK.

I'm still chipping away at my February flowers challenge!  Here's #4!!!  This is a highly textured canvas stretch canvas, measuring 18" x 24".  It took some twists and turns, but I'm happy with where we ended up.  The polka dot table top really makes me happy!!!  Onward to #5, coming soon!
Cheers, Dori

Miracle and Wonder - A Collection for Project Art

Today is the day!! Hooray!!!  Hi friends!!!  My latest collection of abstract paintings is going up today in the Project Art Gallery at the University of Iowa Hospital!  I spent the month of January working on this labor of love.  There are ten paintings total, each with their own dizzying array of marks and color combinations.  If you are local, I hope you might stop and take them all in.  Let me know if you do!  I'd love to hear from you!!  

Click HERE for some general info about Project Art.

Over the next few weeks, I'll share snippets of the show, so if you are out of town, you can enjoy it too!!!  

Below, you will find my artist statement for Miracle and Wonder:

While creating this body of work, I thought about the moments that add up to a lifetime.  They are a breathtaking mixture of the magnificent and the ordinary.  The lovely and the plain.  The jubilant and the painful.  There are things to marvel and wonder about.  Tiny miracles are happening all around us and for us.  Many of us barely notice them.  As I move my hands over the canvas, I concentrate on these ideas of manifestation and gratitude.  I believe that a grateful heart is truly a magnet for miracles.  What we recognize as a gift or a blessing will multiply ten-fold, if only we take the time to pay attention and be grateful.

Thanks for your constant encouragement and love, Dori

Monday, February 4, 2019

February Flower #3

Happy Monday, pals!!!  We had a LOVELY, WARM weekend here in Iowa!  Oh my!!  Sweet relief!!!  A lot of our snow has melted....things are muddy and dirty...including the dog.  But we are happy to have a break from the COLD!!!  

Here's flower painting #3!  This is on a canvas board....I think it's 11"x14"-ish.  Lots of texture...layers of collage, etc.  Super loose, super fun to do!!!  I keep dreaming of days when the flowers will be blooming again!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!  -Dori

Sunday, February 3, 2019

February Flower #2

Happy Sunday, friends!!!  Here's February flower painting number 2!!!  This is acrylics and colored pencil on another recycled book cover!!!  This one really cheers me on such a gray day!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

February Flower #1

Hi!  Here's my first February flower painting!!!  As I mentioned in the last post...I'm setting a goal to create one flower painting each day of February.  That'll keep the winter doldrums away!!!  This one is a small recycled book cover.  A really fun, inexpensive substrate to work on.  

Stay tuned....two and three are on their way!!!  

28 Flowers in 28 days - A Creative Challenge

I'm giving myself a little creative challenge to help me get through this thing called February. I'm going to create a new flower painting each day of the month!!!  I originally thought I'd give myself some parameters on size...but I think I'm just gonna paint whatever I feel like painting that day. (yesterday's was on an old book cover, and I'll share that soon)

I'll post them here on the blog, on my Facebook art page, and on instagram. They will be for sale on March 1st in the Etsy shop. I'll announce that when it happens, so you can be in the know! (sorry, I'm not going to hold pieces for folks...that's a bit more than I want to keep track of right now.)

I hope you enjoy seeing some pops of color in your February news feed! Cheers, friends!!! -Dori