Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tuesday Art Journal Peek, July 31st, 2018

Good morning pals!!!!  Oh lor'!  (I heard someone on the British Baking Show say that instead of Oh Lord, and now I keep saying that.)  It's the end of July!!!  How did that happen?  Eeeek.  Are you having a lovely summer?  We seem to be hopping from thing to thing in a whirlwind of activity this year!  To be honest, we might've packed a bit too much in.....I blame my broken ankle of 2017.  It kept me pretty close to home for most of the early part of last summer.  Now, I guess we are making up for lost time.  DOING ALL THE THINGS!!!  And because we are doing all the things, my poor art journal has been neglected as of late.  But the other day, I popped it open and did some scribbling.  It felt good.  Here are the results.  This is an old altered book.  Approximately 8x10 in size.  Lots of acrylics, pencil, pastel, and collage ephemera.  In the journal, I rarely go in with a plan.  I just move my hands.  

Here are some closeups.....enjoy......