Okay, Let's Do This!


Happy Hump Day, friends!  How's it going?  We are almost through January...so that's something, isn't it?  We have birthdays in our family during February and March, which help us get through the rest of winter with a little more joy.  But it always feels good to get January dealt with.  Earlier this week, we had a pretty major snow fall....it was so pretty!  And the snow was light and fluffy, so it was easy to shovel.  For that, we are thankful.

Thought I would pop in with a quick hello and show you my latest design that's been added to the Zazzle shop.  I figured "Okay, let's do this" was a good mantra for a new year.  THIS NEW YEAR especially.  I love how these products turned out.  The mug and notebooks are my favorites...but truly, they are all fun!  If you've like to add some of these goodies to your every day routine for inspiration, you can click HERE to arrive in my Zazzle shop.  I'm off to the local ceramics center to finish up some pots and sculpt some sacred hearts.  More on that later.  Toodles, Dori

New Fabric Designs on Spoonflower!

Hi pals!  Happy Wednesday (and inauguration day).  How are you?  We woke up early for the gym this morning to find single digit temps....brrr.  Truth be told, the winter hasn't been too bad...so we can take it, I think.  We have a couple more days of sunshine and highs in the 30's during the day, and then I'm told it will plummet again.  I better get to playing with those pups in the yard before the big freeze.  The pups and I carve out a little time every day after lunch to go in the back yard and romp.  Callie Mae is a ball fetcher, while the old boy, Bosco, is a perimeter checker.  Sometimes he will get his blood up and break into a jog if you pick up a stick that he wants.  

Anywho!!  On to the news!!!  I'm HAPPY to share that my Spoonflower shop is finally up and running!  My designs on fabric!  It's so much fun!!!  I'm introducing three designs right now...and I'm hoping (heh heh...fingers crossed) I can get a few more designs done as the year goes on.  

"Colorful Heart Grid" is, of course, the one you see on the left in the pic below.  It's a reproduction of one of my mixed media paintings, using acrylics and collage papers.  I bought a big hunk of that one in the petal signature cotton.  I'm thinking a skirt....but also think the pattern will lend itself to being stitched into other fun little crafty projects, like art dolls and pillows.  We'll see.

The other two prints are mixed media abstracts I created a while back on paper.   "Smoky Morning Sky" contains ranges of grays and pinks with little surprises like lime, yellow and tiny bits of red.  "Changing Course" is predominantly shades of green and aqua, with a touch of hot pink, black and yellow.  I love how these worked out too....even the pencil and crayon scribbles show!  I ordered fat quarters of cotton of those two, so I'll probably cut those up and put them in small stitching projects as well.  

Spoonflower is a wonderful company to work with.  The quality of the cotton that I ordered is just lovely.  I haven't washed it yet, but the reviews I've heard indicate this is up there with a cotton from a quality fabric store.  

Would you like to shop?  Click HERE to reach my Spoonflower shop.