Art Studio Vlog for Sept 13, 2022


Good morning, friends!  Happy Hump Day!  I'm a day late in posting this......but there's a new studio vlog over on the YouTube channel.  I'll catch you up on what's happening here in the studio (it's a hot mess), some new figurative work I'm excited about, and then I'll answer one of your questions about how to best make your acrylic paints more transparent, with a demo in my sketchboook!

I'm becoming better friends with all of my new camera equipment.  It's slow but steady progress.  This week, I even tried a little "intro" and "exit" set to piano music.  Bwahahaha! 

I hope you enjoy!  Click on video below for a peek.  Have a great day!

"Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."