My Tiny Journal Collab with my Friend Gae!


My friend Gae and I love collaborating!!! Here's a peek at our on-going tiny journal trade that progressed over the course of this lockdown winter. We each have an itty bitty journal, made by Sugar and Boo (look them up! Good stuff!) We passed them back and forth....I did painting, collage and mark making. Gae added fibers, stitches and beads. This is our final pass before we possess our original journals to finish. Here are a few of my current favorite bits in Gae's journal before I hand it back to her. Thanks for encouraging's a fun thing to do with a creative friend!

Happy Thursday, pals. Hope you are doing well. There's a light at the end of this COLD BLASTED tunnel. We are expecting a high of seventeen today! Woo hoo! Unzip your coat! Open the windows! Throw your scarf in the snowbank! (Just kidding, I won't do those things until it's at least thirty degrees.)