An Art Journal Peek!

Good morning friends!!!!  Happy Thursday!!!  I'm doing computer work today....getting images organized, etc.  And I came across these pics of a journal spread I created at least a year ago....maybe more.  This is the end of an altered book.  An old library book.  (see the pocket for the "check out card?")  I remember playing with chalks when I drew this.  Then spraying fixative, and then touches of acrylic paints.  I remember having fun.  That's what it's all about, eh?

Today, here in Iowa, we started in the 50 degree range, but I'm told the temp will drop swiftly back to the 30's again by afternoon.  It's dreary as can be, and the wind is howling.  It's a good day for the pups and I to stay indoors and savor another cup of coffee.  Hope you are well, friends.  XOXO -D

Thank You!!!!

Hi friends!!!!  Thanks so much for all of your Etsy shop love the past few days!  I appreciate it!!!  I am still working on getting these orders packed up and out the door...but I plan to finish it all up today!  Hooray!  Our weather has taken a turn here in Iowa....COLD temps...and a blanket of snow.  Fortunately, we were able to celebrate our neighborhood's annual chili cook - off on Saturday night before the weather blew in. 

Both pups, Bosco, and Callie Mae Butterbean, are in quiet protest of this nonsense.  Callie is never far from a quilt or fuzzy blanket.  She's got the right idea.  Cheers, friends!  I hope I will see you at Prairiewoods this Saturday, for their annual holiday bazaar!!!

Since I'm behind as usual, I'll be working up to the last minute on ornaments, cards and some small paintings!  See you then!  Stop by for a hug!!!  XOXO.

Etsy Shop Update Coming this Friday!

Hi pals!  There's going to be an Etsy shop update this Friday morning at 10am central!  This update will include all 20 of the "What She Said" series, as well as a few other little goodies.

I'll send out another reminder when everything goes live.  Thanks so much for your interest in this FUN project!  And thanks for your patience.  October was a crazy month!  Cheers!  -Dori

Click HERE to reach my Etsy shop.

"What She Said" Painting Challenge #20 - The FINAL PIECE!

Hello again!  And here is the final "What She Said" painting!  #20!  I had high hopes of doing one for each day of October....but things happen.  It was a crazy month, filled with some highs and lows.  But I'm good with finishing 20, and on this note.  My husband actually suggested this quote.  He's quite a guy.  And this is summing up how I feel lately. There are things to be sad about....but we must press on and keep fighting the good fight.  Soon, I'll announce when these will go live in my Etsy shop!
Stay tuned.  XOXO.  -D

"What She Said" Painting Challenge #19

Good morning friends, happy Wednesday!  I'm winding down my "What She Said" grouping of paintings.  Here is #19.  A few wise words from the sparkling Lucille Ball!  This is mixed media on wood panel.  I love the swatches of fabric included!  Must remember to incorporate more fabric!
Cheers, hope you are enjoying the first few days of November.

"What She Said" Painting Challenge #18

Hi friends!  Here's painting #18 in my "What She Said" challenge.  This quote is from Malala Yousafzai.  If you have girls, you should tell them her story.  Tell them about her bravery, compassion and strength.  So inspiring.  Hope you are having a lovely Friday so far.  Cheers!  XO.