Three More In Person Events in 2023!


Hey pals!  Happy November 1st!  How can it be November already?  Sheesh!  Well, I've got three more in-person art events this year, and I would love to see you!  Lots of new paintings, gift items, stickers, prints, cards and more!  It's so fun to buy handmade for the holidays!  Hubby will be with me, and we'll be handing out hugs as well.  See you soon!  

Square Foot Show Opens in a couple of days!

Hey friends! How is it August already? A WEEK into August, no less. Sheesh! Big thanks to everyone for making the summer shows a success for me! I was blown away by your kindness and support. Thank you!

I'm really chuffed to be a part of Square Foot's what's up.....

“Naturally Abstracted” launches THIS WEEK at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern on Thursday, August 10 and runs until midnight on Saturday, August 12!
The show goes live at exactly 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern at SHOP.SQUAREFOOTSHOW.COM
and it is often true that many artists will sell out within the first few minutes of opening. (Crossing fingers!!) The sale lasts until midnight on Saturday and there are always plenty of original pieces to choose from. Each piece is $300 CAD (approximately $245 USD) + shipping & handling. It couldn’t be easier to support the arts and bring a bit of original art into your home!
Add this Show to Your Calendar
By being on our mailing list you’re automatically entered to win “Folksy Blues”, a 12x12” original by Lori Siebert. The winner will be announced (chosen at random) during the show. Sign up at

The collection I created is called Bomb Diggity!   There are five abstract paintings on gallery depth wood panels.  They have an amazing gloss finish, which I refer to as "candy coating."  

Each piece has a lot of yummy texture, layers and mark making.  I hope you love them.  I had a blast creating them!  

Bomb Diggity 1

Bomb Diggity 2

Bomb Diggity 3

Bomb Diggity 4

Bomb Diggity 5


Last Art Festival of the Summer Coming Up!


How is it July 18th already?  Sheesh!  Another summer is whizzing by me!  I wanted to let you know my last art festival of the summer is this weekend!!  Art at the Park in Appleton, Wisconsin is one of my favorites of the year.  It's hosted by the Trout Museum of Art.  Such a lovely town, and fun event!
Show hours:
Saturday, July 22nd   9am-5pm
Sunday, July 23rd  9am - 4pm
For more details on this event, CLICK HERE.
See you soon!!!

Thank you, Quincy! Also, a new doggo!


Hey friends!  It's been a while since I updated the blog, so thought I'd pop in and say HOWDY! I'm having fun enjoying a really busy season.  My days are full and crazy and I'm striving to get a lot of things done at once.  I fall into bed with that nice, exhausted feeling...and when my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light.  Ha!  Over the weekend, we attended the Quincy Maker's Market, in Quincy, Illinois.  It was an easy drive, only a couple of hours, and it was a lovely event.  I made several new friends and contacts, and we were blessed with the LOVELIEST weather!  I mean, PERFECT! 

The highlight of my day was when a grandma and her granddaughter bought a couple of my scrappy fabric crowns!  The girl got "weirdo" and the grandma got "shenaniganizer." They plopped them on their heads and walked around the rest of the show with them!  I regret not getting a photo of them.  It was the cutest thing ever!!!!  It's got me excited to make more of those crowns! 

In other news.......drumroll please.........

We've adopted a new doggo!!!  His name is Otis Ray Sweetiecakes!  He's a young chocolate lab, who has been on a journey......major surgery (hence the cone) and having to say goodbye to his original family.  We saw one of our friends was fostering him. And when we heard his story, we just had to meet him.  He is the sweetest boy!!! We have spent the past week bonding and overseeing his recovery from his procedure.  And we have just fallen in love. 

He loves hanging out with Dad in his office.  There's a big couch to stretch out on.  He loves walkies and snacks (of course) and butt scratches.  He loves bones and tennis balls, and he's sweet as can be with our yellow lab, Callie Mae.  She is getting used to having a brother again.....haha....but has been very kind and patient with him.  

The house feels complete again.  We are looking forward to years of fun and frolicking ahead. 
I hope you are also having fun and frolicking on this lovely June day!  More soon!  Cheers!!!