Monday, August 10, 2020

August Journal Page #8


Happy Monday morning friends!  I hope you are well, and had a restful weekend.  We are all doing fine over here....nothing too exciting to report.  It's still so dry here in eastern Iowa.....we need a really good soak.  Things are turning brown.  This weekend was supposed to be the Crystal Lake Art Fair in Champaigne/Urbana, IL...but of course, like everything else, it has been cancelled....but they did a great job of promoting the artists online, for which I'm thankful!  THANKS to everyone who placed orders in my Etsy shop this weekend!  I'll be busy packing them up and getting them to the post office later today.  

Pictured above is page 8 in the August journal.  So far, we are humming along nicely, and I'm enjoying the challenge of digging into that book every day!  Thanks for following along!  Have a great week!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

August Journal Page #6 and #7


Happy weekend friends!  It's warming back up here in Iowa.  Hot, hot, hot.  And DRY.  We really could use some rain.  All of the plants and the grass are looking sad.  Boooo.

Just popping in with journal pages 6 and 7.  I'm really having fun with this journal!  I'm realizing I really dig watercolor paper!!  It just soaks up all the's wonderful!  And tough!  Thinking up and working on pieces for a couple of new ideas too.  Things are hopping in the studio, and that is a good thing!  I love it when a flurry of inspiration washes over me.  I'm going to ride that wave as long as it will last.  Cheers, mates!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

August Journal Pages #4 and #5

Good morning friends!  Happy Thursday!  Today's post is a "two-fer"!  Pages 4 and 5 in my August journal!!!  The hubby and I took a much needed mental health day yesterday and drove up to Madison for some sun, fun, food, and shopping.  It was wonderful!  We came home tired, but still invigorated.  It's such a colorful city.  I could see myself there.  

Knowing I was going to miss a day in the studio, I got pages 4 and 5 done in one sitting before I left. 
Hope you enjoy!!!  Can you tell I love to scribble?  Have a great day!  -Dori

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

August Journal Page #3

Page number 3 is "in the books" as they say.  Happy Tuesday, pals!

Monday, August 3, 2020

August Journal Challenge #2

Here's page number two in the August journal.  I'm really digging those juicy baby blue lines under the words, and the inky circles up in the corner.  Have a great Monday, peeps!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

August Journal Challenge #1

This is the first spread in my new journal.  I'm attempting to do a spread every day in August.  Stay tuned for more.  XOXO.

My August Creative Journaling Challenge

Happy Weekend, pals!  It's been JUST GORGEOUS here in Iowa.  Mild temps and sunshine led to some patio sitting and hanging out near the doggie pool.  The hubby and I have been catching up on some reading and other quiet pursuits that can be accomplished in a lawn chair.  It's been wonderful. 

I just started Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and it's as wonderful as everyone says.  I will read it a second time, but likely with the highlighter handy.  So many good nuggets to remember.

In other news.....this is a wonderful, tall, skinny, handmade journal I got from my sweet friend, Barb. It's full of luscious watercolor paper, and is hand bound. It measures approximately 5" x 10". Isn't it gorgeous? 

Soooo....I'm giving myself a creative challenge for August!

I'm going to do a journal spread for every day in August. I think mostly abstracts, but we'll see which way the wind blows. I'll share my progress here, on Instagram and on Facebook, if you'd like to follow along, or join me and do your own journaling challenge!! Cheers! Happy weekend, friends!