Happy Almost New Year! See you on the other side!

Good evening, pals!  We are almost to the end of 2020!  Good on you for making it this far!  Of course, I don't need to tell you what a challenge and a struggle it has been.  A growing list of my dear friends have lost loved ones to this pandemic, and it is so heartbreaking.  I just cannot find the words....it's all too much, really. I count myself a fortunate one to still be blessed with my loved ones at my side, my good health and a warm home.  My husband and I have been able to continue our work....we both already worked from home, and really love the simplicity of it.  But there's something different all together about not feeling safe to venture out for the fun, isn't it?   

We're managing. We've adjusted our sails, slowed down, and found delight in the small things.  I dare say we appreciate more.  So much more than ever.  And we are trying to let people know we love them when we can.  I personally am finding respite in the simple act of creating a little something every day.  While I've missed the art shows and seeing my wonderful customers and friends in person, I've enjoyed the slower pace, void of too many deadlines.  I'm following my creative muse wherever she decides to lead me.  I'm enjoying exploring different mediums.  I've dusted off the old sewing machine again, and have had a blast stitching painted canvas banners, prayer flags and other goodies.  I took a ceramics class in November to refresh my skills, and JUST LOVE IT! I'm spending a few hours a week at the local community potter's studio, where I soak up all the inspiration and nuggets of wisdom that I can.  I'm having fun with some online courses as well...in painting, mixed media and ceramics.  I'm hoping to spend the rest of the winter just soaking in the processes of other artists and learning some new techniques.  I find that's such a good way to recharge the creative batteries.

My gratitude goes out to all of you, dear readers, friends, supporters, cheerleaders, customers and all around kick ass people.  Thanks for making 2020 more bearable, and helping me to see how truly blessed I am.  I look forward to writing and creating more in the new year.  May this note find you happy, healthy and full of hope.  Happy New Year.  -Dori