Thursday, August 6, 2020

August Journal Pages #4 and #5

Good morning friends!  Happy Thursday!  Today's post is a "two-fer"!  Pages 4 and 5 in my August journal!!!  The hubby and I took a much needed mental health day yesterday and drove up to Madison for some sun, fun, food, and shopping.  It was wonderful!  We came home tired, but still invigorated.  It's such a colorful city.  I could see myself there.  

Knowing I was going to miss a day in the studio, I got pages 4 and 5 done in one sitting before I left. 
Hope you enjoy!!!  Can you tell I love to scribble?  Have a great day!  -Dori

Monday, August 3, 2020

August Journal Challenge #2

Here's page number two in the August journal.  I'm really digging those juicy baby blue lines under the words, and the inky circles up in the corner.  Have a great Monday, peeps!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

August Journal Challenge #1

This is the first spread in my new journal.  I'm attempting to do a spread every day in August.  Stay tuned for more.  XOXO.

My August Creative Journaling Challenge

Happy Weekend, pals!  It's been JUST GORGEOUS here in Iowa.  Mild temps and sunshine led to some patio sitting and hanging out near the doggie pool.  The hubby and I have been catching up on some reading and other quiet pursuits that can be accomplished in a lawn chair.  It's been wonderful. 

I just started Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and it's as wonderful as everyone says.  I will read it a second time, but likely with the highlighter handy.  So many good nuggets to remember.

In other news.....this is a wonderful, tall, skinny, handmade journal I got from my sweet friend, Barb. It's full of luscious watercolor paper, and is hand bound. It measures approximately 5" x 10". Isn't it gorgeous? 

Soooo....I'm giving myself a creative challenge for August!

I'm going to do a journal spread for every day in August. I think mostly abstracts, but we'll see which way the wind blows. I'll share my progress here, on Instagram and on Facebook, if you'd like to follow along, or join me and do your own journaling challenge!! Cheers! Happy weekend, friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny Bits of Joy

Happy Tuesday, pals!  Uhhhh......has anyone seen my summer?  I have no idea where it went.  It's the end of July already?  Eeeeeep.  Well, we are all hanging in there at the Patrick house so far.  I've been fighting some kind of allergy/sneezy/stuffy nose thing.  I'm going to finally take the advice of the hubby and see the doctor about some possible allergy tests or what not.  SIGH.  Annoying.  I know, I could be worse.  I'll quit whining.  Things that are making me happy right now.....these teeny tiny, itty bitty floral paintings!  I got nine of them done last week, and they make me squeal with delight!!  They were SO much fun to do!!!  

It's a fun challenge to take what you love doing and miniaturize (is that a word?)  I've listed them in my Etsy shop...I think there are a few left, if you want to take a peek, click HERE.  A BIG THANKS to all of you who are giving artists your business in unconventional ways this summer.  With the shows all being cancelled, it's been a strange new way to hustle, for sure.  So, thanks.

 Other things bringing me joy......
1) diminished humidity, so I can sit on the patio and write this note to you, while hanging out with my silly dogs.
2) coffee
3) my bright yellow nails.  Whoa!  They almost blind ya, but they are a blast!  Ha!
What little things are bringing you joy these days?

I'll pop in again soon and show you a project I'm hoping to finish up for my Mama this week!
Stay tuned!!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Around Here

Happy Thursday morning, friends!  Thought I would pop in ever so quickly to say hi, check in, and send you some virtual hugs/high fives if you could use them!  We are already halfway through July, and I seriously have no idea how that happened.  The weeks are so long, but they are also flying's all very strange.  Well, around the Patrick house, we are all doing fine.  Last I checked with my (grown) kiddos, they are staying healthy and well, and so are we.  I've been a little under the weather the past week (no worries, just a summer cold...but aren't they the worst?), so I'm behind in everything work related.  Don't even get me started on housekeeping in the studio.  It's all just been put on hold.  But I'm feeling better!  It's KNOW when you've taken a turn, don't you?  Last night I slept through the night with no fits, and actually felt like walking the all better!

 One of my accomplishments this week was finally updating the Etsy shop with postcards and notecards!  You can find them HERE.  Several new styles, and refilled some of the classics.  I'm particularly excited about the "circle" notecards...they are reproductions of paintings from my Burn Bright show this past spring.  I have been having so much fun sending notes to friends I can't currently be with....and I LOVE seeing a colorful note in my mailbox.  It just makes my day!

If you've met my hubby, you know how lucky I am.  He really is one of the sweetest.  I was feeling down in the dumps earlier this week, and he brought me these!  I just had to share.  I'm OBSESSED with flowers lately.  OBSESSED.  Painting them, drawing them, growing them, gushing over them.  They are bringing us so much joy.  I'm happy to report that my gladiola experiment on the south side of the house is now paying off.  They are starting to bloom!  I'll share pics of those next time.  

I am also finding so much joy in my furry pals, Callie Mae (shown above in a rare moment of rest) and Bosco.  Callie Mae has been with us almost a year now.  She is a rescue lab, approximately 3 years old.  She was a mama once upon a time.  But now, she lives a life of leisure....and she literally takes delight in everything.  This girl is wagging her tail ALL THE TIME.  She's so happy just to be alive.  She has brought so much joy and laughter to our home.  Now we can't imagine life without her.  

I hope you are also finding joy in the little things, appreciating the small moments of bliss.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We can do this.  We can make it.  Hugs, Dori