Monday, January 10, 2022

Crowning Glory Exhibit with Gae and Yellow Lab Snuggles


You guys.  How can time both drag and fly by at the same time?  (I think I say that a lot, so my apologies if you are paging through the blog....ha!) I think that's the nature of January.  And winter.  At least there's a glimmer of sunlight at 5pm nowadays.  That helps!  But these frigid temps.....BRRRR.  It was 30 degrees on Saturday, and we all but ran in the yard in our knickers!  (not really...we aren't that crazy) Winter does give one some perspective, I reckon.  

Well, in case you were wondering, and I know you are....we are all still ticking along.  We are adjusting to the new normal of being without our chocolate boy, Bosco.  We picked up his ashes on Saturday and brought them home, along with a paw print, eternally pressed into clay for us to keep.  I held it together until breakfast, then cried into my coffee.  SIGH.  Callie Mae (our young yellow lab) is a balm for my broken heart, though.  She seems to know exactly when I need a snuggle or a kiss.  She's a little angel in fur, that one.  We're gonna make it.  

I did get out on the town last week, and BOY was it what I needed!  A little burst of inspiration with my pal, Gae.  We visited the Crowning Glory exhibit at the National Czech and Slovak Museum.  HOLY MOLY!!!!  Eye candy.  Just stunning.  The intricacy of each headdress was just jaw dropping.  So much detail, texture and color!!!  Some of the headpieces dated back to nearly the turn of the last century, and to still be in such beautiful condition was amazing.  I'm definitely inspired to incorporate more sparkle, beads and stitching in my upcoming work.  Here are just a few of the pics I snapped....enjoy!  If you're a local, do try to stop by and see this exhibit.  It's so worth it...and you'll have to avoid the temptation to put one on and try it on.  HA!  We were seriously TWITCHING to keep from touching everything.

I mean, really.....can you even?  I would love to go back and review the security tape just to see all of the gasping and ooooohing and aaaahhhing we were doing.  Ha!  Absolutely tons of fun, and it just got our creative juices flowing.  I'm ready to stitch and bead!  Aren't you?  Which one is your fave?  
Happy Monday, friends.  Wishing you a cozy day.  -Dori

Monday, January 3, 2022

Good Night, Sweet Prince

Well, things have changed drastically around here since I wrote you last.  We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy, Bosco.  He was the bestest boy that ever was.  So loyal and true.  We woke up New Year's Eve Day, and something had shifted.  He was ready.  It was peaceful and beautiful and heartbreaking.  The house feels empty without him.  But we are doing our best to carry on, and are even finding moments of laughter when we talk about some of the silly things he used to do.  We are all better for being loved by him.

So, as I adjust to being a one doggie household, we are showering Callie Mae with extra attention and snuggles.  I think she kind of misses him a little.  Hard to say, exactly....but we'll go with it.  She has always been good at making us laugh....and she keeps up this daily routine to lighten our spirits.  Thanks, Callie.  XOXO.  More news from the studio coming soon!  I'm bursting with lots of things to share!  But first, I need to take down Christmas and get this house in some kind of working order again.  Much love, and thanks to all of you who have reached out with kind words about our pup.  They truly are members of the family.  


Thursday, December 30, 2021

'Tis the Season for Rag Rugs and Towels by Every Door!


Good morning, friends!  Happy New Year's Eve, Eve!  We've almost made it!  As the final moments of 2021 tick down, I'm gonna sit over here with my coffee and egg nog and "be ve-wy ve-wy quiet" (Elmer Fudd) so as not to antagonize her into any last minute bursts of mayhem.  Really feeling like tip-toeing into the new year this time.  That is usually not my style.  I'm a bit loud, and a bit of a klutz.  I'm a pot banger, an off key singer and a loud "holler-er" across the streets when I say hello to the neighbors.  They always know I'm coming.  Hee hee.

(But seriously.......ssssshhhhh......let's not get 2022 all riled up before she comes in.  Let's be quiet, respectful, and offer her chocolate.)

Speaking of across the street, here's the current view outside my front door.  I really was out in the fresh air earlier, with the dogs and the shovel, but didn't think to take a photo until I removed all 15 layers of winter garb. Ugh....that's the thing about's so dang much work. 

That tiny looking person across the street is my neighbor Lon, doing his patriotic duty of keeping the driveway cleared.  He's thorough.  I'm not.  My approach is often, "eh, good enough."  So.....with the snow, pretty as it is, comes the annual dragging out of the rag rugs and bath towels by every entrance of the home, so we can mop up puddles and wipe down the doggies.  Fun at first, a drag by February.  Stay tuned for lots of grumbling in a few weeks.  I promise you, it will come.

Seriously though, we have much to be grateful for, here in the big yellow house.  Earlier in the year, our sweet Bosco, the old chocolate lab, got a cancer diagnosis....he has a slow growing mass on his lung.  It's a long story, but we thought we were going to lose him in the spring...but he's still with us.  He's still comfortable, enjoying life, eating his meals, taking short walks.  We are so grateful to have him still with us, and are soaking up every glorious day with him.  When it's time to say goodbye, we will know.  We've been down this road before.  Our "bright young thing", Callie Mae Butterbean Naughtypants, the yellow lab, keeps us on our toes.  She is just a ball of joy.  Always ready for a good time.  Always wagging her tail.  Always ready to snuggle.  (as seen above).

I'm thankful for my kids and my hubby who were a great support system while I found myself on the road again, attending art shows.  Hubby is my pack mule and navigator, the kids take care of the doggies at the house for us.  We were BUSY this summer.  I mean, wow!  Customers and collectors were so generous with their support, both in person and shopping online.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported my work one way or another this year!  I'm so thankful!  

I have some fun things in store for the new year!  Some new projects, big and small, and I hope to be more active online, possibly jazzing up the YouTube channel and doing some more online and in person teaching.  More on that soon.  In the meantime, remember.......

Cheers, Dori and the gang

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Hello October!

Good morning pals!  Happy October!  How are you?  Wow....that summer flew by, didn't it?  It sure did for us!  We were on the road off and on, selling at art shows, and it was a blast!  We were mostly fortunate with the weather at our outdoor shows....WHEW!  Right now, I'm settling back into the studio.  I'm going to focus on making some holiday goodies now.  I always tell myself I'm going to start sooner, but it never happens.  SIGH.  So many ideas, so little time.  Oh well.  

Hey!  Lookie there!  A ribbon from the Octagon Arts Festival!  Thank you, friends!

I'm also looking forward to just being home more, as we settle into autumn.  This is my favorite time of year.  This is our anniversary month, hubby and I.  We are planning to celebrate with a good meal and some scary movies.  I have some projects around the house I'm hoping to get going on as well.  Some sprucing, some additional lighting in the studio, and then think about decorating for the holidays, since it looks like we will be hosting this year.  

I've been having fun dipping my toe back into teaching this year as well.  Online teaching right now.  It's a challenge for me, these "techy" things.....thankfully the hubby is patient and helpful in that department!  I'm considering the possibility of diving back into some in-person workshops next year....but will just need to see how this covid things goes.  I've managed to avoid it so far, and hope that trend continues.  (smile)

Alright....let's get after it, folks!  Have a great week!  -Dori

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You Don't Want to Miss This Awesome Creative Event! Join Me!


Hello creative friend!  I'm so excited to share that I'm joining in the Life Book teaching team for Life Book 2022!  My friend Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts has just opened registration for the FREE LIFE BOOK TASTER SESSIONS!  It was really popular last year with over 18,000 folks joining in!

What is it?
A completely free 2 week long exploration into creating and well being.  The sessions are filled with inspiring classes, art sessions, giveaways, meditations and well being activities to help you get present and connected to the healing power of your creativity!

What does it involve? 
30 teachers are giving free classes over a two week period, and I'm one of them!  (eeep!)  It's going to be a big couple of weeks in our creative community, and I can't wait!

Not only are these free sessions filled with inspiring classes by amazing artists, but there will be opportunities to win a free place on the Life Book course and enjoy other freebies and giveaways as well.

When you attend the Life Book Free Taster Sessions, you are able to:
    -Listen to the sessions at your leisure in your own time.
    -Join our Facebook Group and meet like-minded creatives from around the world.
    -Wear whatever comfy clothes you want and enjoy the free sessions from the comfort of your home.
    -Play, try new things, make mistakes.  You are accepted just as you are!
    -Enjoy free art and well being activities.

For my free activity, we will be creating some Tokens of Affection!  These are fabulous little nuggets for brightening someone's day, decorating a party table, or turning into jewelry!

They are so fun and easy, and I'll share info about my favorite supplies! Sooooooo......

    -Do you want to learn how to create more well being and joy in your life?
    -Do you want to create, express, have fun and grow?
    -Do you want to play with paint, get messy, and enjoy mark making?
    -Do you want to learn how to use creativity to become more grounded and present?
    -Do you want a chance to win a spot on Life Book 2022, the full course?

Then come join us on the Life Book Taster Sessions!
It's completely free, so join us now by reserving your seat HERE.

The taster sessions begin September 27th and will run for two whole weeks!
Join us now, by clicking HERE for the 30+ Life Book FREE Taster Sessions!

LOVE IT ALREADY?????  You can Pre-order the FULL COURSE now!

The full Life Book 2022 Course (which I'll be teaching on!  Yay!) is available for pre-order with a 30% discount right now!  Use coupon: ARTJOY30 at the checkout if you are ready to join us!  You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.  If you join Life Book 2022 now, you'll get life-long access to the Free Session content as well as a year of amazing art activities.  You'll also receive a virtual gift bag filled with extras and goodies.

See you there!  
Love, Dori

Monday, August 30, 2021

The Frida Exhibit in Chicago

Hi pals!  It's been a while since I've written.  How are you?  How was your summer?  Here we are, at the end of August already.  WOW.  It flew by and dragged by at the same time, didn't it?  Mostly, flying by for me, as this has been a summer of getting back into art shows.  Hubby and are don't know if we are coming or going lately, but it's been fun, and the turn out at the shows have mostly been wonderful!  I think everyone was excited to get back to it again!  

In between shows, the hubby and I took a quick little trip to Chicago that was purely for fun, not work.  We had postponed tickets for the Frida exhibit at The Cleve Carney Museum of Art.  Our tickets were originally for 2020, and well, we all know the rest of the story.  Postponed.  Until now.  

Most of you know Frida's story, so I won't elaborate here....and if you don't know her story, it's easy to learn...many books and movies on her life, and what influenced her art.  She has become an icon for many of us example of strength in adversity, and a woman who was truly her own woman, not afraid to express who she really was.  For the day and age she lived in, that was not easy.  Hell, it's still not easy in this day and age.  I was surprised by how moving it was to be in the presence of some her original works.  To see the brush strokes and markings.  Magical.  

The reproductions of her clothing were a sight to behold.  And the corset. It inflicted additional pain and discomfort to her already wounded body. Necessary to help her heal, but haunting to look at. It made me cringe to think of wearing something like that day in and day out, waiting for the body to heal.

I'm feeling very grateful that we were able to take the opportunity to get away and see this.  Someday, I hope to travel to her Casa Azul and see her home/studio in person. Below are pictures of a model created in its likeness.  

I adored this GIANT paper mache puppet!  I imagine this might be part of some festivals and parades.

Some local artists created artwork in tribute to Frida.....stunning.  Wish I had taken more pics of this section.....

All in all, a wonderful visit to Chi-town!  CLINK.