Juggling Several Paintings in my Studio this Week


A recent page in the small square art journal. 

Good morning pals!  I'm writing to you from my studio on Tuesday morning.  Everything in town is delayed a couple of hours, due to slick, icy roads.  I'm looking out the window and now I see another layer of snow coming down.  Sigh. And so it goes.  I was supposed to get my hair cut this morning, but think I might end up rescheduling that.  There are certain things that can just wait.

At my work table, finishing up an abstract painting.

Close up of final mark making. 

My studio is the chilliest room in the house as it's an addition on the back of our house. There's just a crawlspace under it, instead of a basement that runs under the rest of the house.  That makes a big difference.  We added insulation when we moved in years ago, and the new-ish windows help, but on damp, cold days like today, I turn to the little space heater and a hot cup of coffee to set things right. 

My color shaper tools help my marks stay loose and spontaneous.

Things are humming along in the studio again.  I'm juggling multiple paintings, which feels really good. I am prepping for two big spring events....I'll be able to share details on those very soon!  I'm also working on a "paper goods update" in my Etsy shop.  I've had a few card designs sell out,  so I spent most of yesterday working through my inventory and figuring out what needs to be replenished.  I'll likely spend part of this day packaging cards and getting them listed.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, I want to be somewhat prepared.  Hope you all are staying safe and warm on this Tuesday! Keep moving your hands. Create every day!