Hello 2024!


Happy New Year, friends!  Happy 2024 to you and yours!  I'm writing this from my studio table on the morning of the 10th.  We had our first really significant snowfall of the season yesterday.  I've been hearing totals of 10-12 inches being thrown around.  It was the beautiful kind of snow....sticky and perfect for snowman building!  Just gorgeous!  (Says the woman who works from home and didn't have to go anywhere) Whenever there is inclement weather, hubby and I are always grateful for our jobs at home.  

We are also grateful for a fireplace on cold winter nights.  I'm currently obsessed with all things COZY.  When it starts getting dark in the late afternoon, I start turning on a few lights, make some warm tea, (I love peppermint!) and light some candles.  I will also wrap Butterbean (the yellow girl lab) up in a fuzzy blanket, cuz I tell myself she loves it.  She doesn't protest, at least.  

After a crazy busy 2023, we were happy to find a little rest and rejuvenation over the holiday break.  I was able to catch up on some home projects that had been waiting on me to finish. I also try to take the holiday week to reorganize and re-evaluate my processes.  I'm a nerd about a new year.  I don't really take to resolutions exactly, but I love the clean slate in January to start thinking about all the possibilities ahead of us!

One of the things I do towards the end of every year is purchase next year's daily planner.  (I love Moleskine's daily planner with the hard cover)  I've tried all kinds of planners, calendars, etc, and this system seems to work the best for me.  There's a video up on my YouTube channel where you can watch my process for prepping the 2024 planner. 

Cleaning out and organizing my collage papers has also been giving me so much joy.  I'm a nerd about that too.  Ha!  Fun announcements are right around the corner, friends!  Thanks again for all your support and encouragement through the years.  See you soon!  -Dori