Thursday, February 17, 2022

Had Fun Teaching Colorful Heart Grids!


Hey pals!  Here we are in mid February already!  How are you?  I just looked outside and there's another light dusting of snow out there.  It makes everything look lovely again, but that stuff is dangerous hides the ice that keeps melting and re-freezing.  I took Butterbean for a walk yesterday and was toodling along, ever so confidently, and BOOM.  Went right down on my butt.  Surprised by this big sheet of ice that I somehow completely missed.  SIGH.  Fortunately, no injuries, and thank goodness for giant padded coats, right?  I won't be so cocky when we go out today.  (and by the way, as I type this, she is giving me the stink eye to get I'll keep this entry short.....ha!)

  Last week I got home from a fabulous New Orleans trip with my cousins!  We spent a long weekend together, right down in the French Quarter.  So much inspiration, good food (oh yes, the foooooood!), and fun times.  The air travel left something to desire....delays and cancellations.....but all in all, a great time was had by everyone, and we are vowing to get together every year! 

Thursday evening I had a great time leading some fun ladies in a workshop....we created the colorful heart grid canvases over at Threads in Cedar Rapids.  Just in time for hearts day. So much fun! 

Big thanks to all of the sweet gals who joined me for that workshop.  It was a hoot!