Rainy Sunday Morning in March


Hi pals!  Happy Sunday morning!  We had a LOVELY day yesterday...sunshine, and warm temps.  We grilled our dinner on the back patio, and I read a magazine out there with a little blanket on my shoulders.  All of the snow is melted now, and we are so glad.  The pups and I spent as much time out there as we could.  The downside.....it's mud season in the backyard.  We have a bath towel next to both front and back doors, so I can attempt to wipe their paws before they come barging back into the house.  In the photo above, they had just "unstuffed" a few of their toys.  When I'm not cleaning up mud, I'm picking up toy innards.  It's a good life.  

I'm starting to find my creative mojo again....I've been dabbling in some art journaling every day.  Even if it's just a scribble or two, it helps me get back into the groove.  We still are not sure how the 2021 art show season is going to go.....but I've gotta get moving anyhow, and get my inventory back up to snuff.  If things go as we hope they will, I'll have something fun to share soon about the month of May, and then the next big in person show will be in late June in Des Moines.  But...we'll see.  

I'm still dabbling in clay.  I'm figuring out my process, and how to express MY STYLE in clay.  That's been a fun and exciting challenge for me.  When you try something new, your senses come alive.  You know what I mean? And I've met some really great, helpful folks down at the Ceramics Center, who are happy to answer my millions of questions.  Ha!  I really love the pot shown above.  I'm into the bright colors, but with a little "grunge" as well.  This pot was made by throwing every single idea at it....ha!  I really was experimenting with the texture, and some wonkiness. (is that a word?) 

In other news, Newbo Shops at 208 is now called Newbo Shops at Heart House!  They've moved to the Heart House, located at 1301 3rd St SE in Cedar Rapids.  And it's SO CHARMING and adorable!  If you are in the Cedar Rapids area, make a point to stop by and shop handmade.  The new space is full of light, and it's so cozy in there.  I just love it.  Here are some recent pics of my new space there.  My greeting cards are finally all stocked up, and I'm working on some small paintings to fill the wall up.

Those fabric word banners have been a lot of fun to make!  I'm working on painting some more fabric for my stash, so I can whip out some more.  If you're not local, I'm also filling up the Etsy shop, slowly but surely.    Well, thanks for listening to my ramblings today.  I hope you are feeling happy and hopeful about spring. Keep moving your hands, staying creative, and keep smiling.  Cheers, D