Hello October!

Good morning pals!  Happy October!  How are you?  Wow....that summer flew by, didn't it?  It sure did for us!  We were on the road off and on, selling at art shows, and it was a blast!  We were mostly fortunate with the weather at our outdoor shows....WHEW!  Right now, I'm settling back into the studio.  I'm going to focus on making some holiday goodies now.  I always tell myself I'm going to start sooner, but it never happens.  SIGH.  So many ideas, so little time.  Oh well.  

Hey!  Lookie there!  A ribbon from the Octagon Arts Festival!  Thank you, friends!

I'm also looking forward to just being home more, as we settle into autumn.  This is my favorite time of year.  This is our anniversary month, hubby and I.  We are planning to celebrate with a good meal and some scary movies.  I have some projects around the house I'm hoping to get going on as well.  Some sprucing, some additional lighting in the studio, and then think about decorating for the holidays, since it looks like we will be hosting this year.  

I've been having fun dipping my toe back into teaching this year as well.  Online teaching right now.  It's a challenge for me, these "techy" things.....thankfully the hubby is patient and helpful in that department!  I'm considering the possibility of diving back into some in-person workshops next year....but will just need to see how this covid things goes.  I've managed to avoid it so far, and hope that trend continues.  (smile)

Alright....let's get after it, folks!  Have a great week!  -Dori