More from that Tall Skinny Journal and SNOW (What?)

Hey there kiddos!  How are you?  Happy October!!!  Popping in with a few more pages of that tall skinny journal....but first....LOOK!  SNOW!  UGH!!!  I was out running errands yesterday, and when I walked out of Joann's with my Fray Check and bright pink paint (ha! random), it was SNOWING.  HEAVILY!!!  I had no idea that was coming.  I think we got a few inches by the time it was all over.  It is so very pretty....but darn it.  I'm not ready for this.  

For family members who've been checking up on us, that big tree on the left is the locust that lost a big branch in the derecho.  The branch pretty much hit our dormer and then dragged down the front, taking our gutters and a small window with it. (Fortunately, just the outside pane, but still will need to be replaced) Tree guys coming soon to clean up the wounded tree. Window guy coming next week to measure.  Gutter guys and dormer repair...we won't see them til spring.  But we are still so grateful the old dame of a house held up!  

Okay, onward to the journal pages.....happy Tuesday!


The Tall Skinny August/September Journal Continued


Good morning friends!  Most of you have been following along on social media with my tall skinny August journal that became a tall skinny September journal due to derecho.  But I thought I'd pop in here and start getting caught up with sharing the rest of the journal on the blog.  The book is all done now....all filled up...I even embellished the covers, inside and out, and it's now a beloved treasure on the shelf with the rest of my completed journals.  It's SO SATISFYING to fill a book cover to cover.  I'm currently starting in a spiral bound sketchbook that was started and abandoned way back in the day.  Will post some of those pics soon.


Lately, around here, we are settling into fall.  October is one of my favorite months.  It's our wedding anniversary months, and we love Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.  Every couple of years, we love hosting a Dia de los Muertos party.  This would've been the year to do it again, but alas, the Corona has other plans.  So I'm turning my attention to little projects around the house, touching up paint, cleaning out a drawer or a closet here and there, and I even....drum roll getting a jump on ornaments.  WHAT??!!  I've never painted my ornaments this early.  We'll see how long I can stick with it.  Ha!  Anyway, howdy, hello and hugs to you all.  Hope you are staying healthy and well.  We're gonna make it.  More journal pages to share soon.  Love, D