August Journal Page #8


Happy Monday morning friends!  I hope you are well, and had a restful weekend.  We are all doing fine over here....nothing too exciting to report.  It's still so dry here in eastern Iowa.....we need a really good soak.  Things are turning brown.  This weekend was supposed to be the Crystal Lake Art Fair in Champaigne/Urbana, IL...but of course, like everything else, it has been cancelled....but they did a great job of promoting the artists online, for which I'm thankful!  THANKS to everyone who placed orders in my Etsy shop this weekend!  I'll be busy packing them up and getting them to the post office later today.  

Pictured above is page 8 in the August journal.  So far, we are humming along nicely, and I'm enjoying the challenge of digging into that book every day!  Thanks for following along!  Have a great week!