Upcoming Events and Art Shows

It's All a Strange Dream
March 23rd-April 30th 2023
CSPS Hall   Main Gallery   1103 3rd St SE   Cedar Rapids, IA

Show statement: The latter part of 2022 was hard for me.  There was a lot of upheaval and change happening in my family and my life.  With that, came the realization that I am becoming the grown up in the room.  The caretaker.  I always knew it would come eventually, but here I am.  Already! Days and weeks passed in a blur as I handled things, whacked moles, and attempted to understand the emotional aspect of it all, wanting a quick fix or detour.  I wanted to walk around the stuff, not through it. Of course, we all know it doesn’t work that way.  So through it I went, in my own way.  There were days where I wondered to myself, “Okay, did that really happen, or am I dreaming this up?” Ha! Oh, it happened. And it kept happening until I started to face the uncomfortable stuff and make peace with it.  This show is simply a celebration of coming through it to the other side.  A lot stronger and wiser, and ready to have fun. Life is weird.  Stay in your magic, baby.

Old Capitol Art Fair in Springfield, Illinois
May 20th and 21st  2023

I'm tickled to be joining this show in May!  We will be setup against the backdrop of the beautiful Illinois state capitol building!  For details on this event, CLICK HERE. 

Makers Market at the Quincy Brewing Company in Quincy, Illinois
Saturday, June 17th

The planets have finally aligned for me to come and see my friends in Quincy, IL for the Makers Market on 6th Street!  I can't wait!  For details on this event, CLICK HERE.

Waukee Arts Festival 
July 14th and 15th  2023
Centennial Park    Waukee, Iowa

This is another first time show for me!  And I can't wait!  Waukee is just a short drive from Des Moines, so I'm hoping to see you all there!  For more info on this event, CLICK HERE.

Art at the Park in Appleton, Wisconsin
July 22nd and 23rd 

I love visiting Appleton!  Can't wait to see you all again, circling the lovely city park! Pretty sure I'll be in my usual spot.  For more details on this event, CLICK HERE.