Upcoming Events and Art Shows

Crazy Wonderful is my spring solo show!  It's going to be in the Upper Room Gallery of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Artist meet and greet Sunday, March 3rd at 10:15am.

Show Statement:
“If the only prayer you ever say is 'thank you', that is enough.” - Eckhart

This collection of work can best be described as a meditation of gratitude on paper. As a mixed media artist, I generally work on a variety of robust surfaces. After a busy year of travels, adventures and home projects, I felt the need to pare down my process for this show. I decided to do the entire body of work on paper. I was genuinely curious to see how far I could push myself with this material, and it was an absolute blast! Paper is a resilient and versatile material to engage with. As I created these pieces, I celebrated the many things I am grateful for. I reflected often on how there are so many important paper documents that can make up a life: a birth certificate, a passport, a marriage certificate, love letters, birthday cards, etc. I have enjoyed expressing myself with this medium, and I hope you also find beauty in both its fragility and strength. We have much to be grateful for, if only we would take the time to think on it. It's all CRAZY WONDERFUL.

Thursday, March 21st  6-8pm  Cedar Rapids Art Museum
Cost :$10 per person

Come out and jam with me!  Art Journal Jam, that is!!! Here are the deets:

Join artist Dori Patrick and a group of like-minded art journalers and journal-curious creatives for an open-studio jam session. $10 per person, payable to Dori Patrick. Please note, this is not a class; this is a casual hang out, where all artistic levels are welcome to come and play. Dori will be on hand to answer questions you might have about getting started, but the time will be yours to experiment and meet fellow creatives. Basic art supplies will be provided for you but you will need to bring your own journal. You are also welcome to bring any of your own journaling supplies that you might want to use: collage papers, paints, markers/pencils/pens, stickers, washi tape. Whatever you like! If you like, bring your beverage of choice (wine is welcome), or a snack to share with the group.
Adults only.
Register at least 24hrs in advance by contacting the CRMA at 319-366-7503 or ethomas@crma.org.


I'm excited to be a part of the Spring One of a Kind Show in downtown Chicago!  Three fabulous days of exhibiting my art in the gorgeous Merchandise Mart!  And we always have fun in Chicago! 

Springfield, Illinois     May 18th and 19th

After a VERY FUN first visit to the hometown of Lincoln last year, I'll be joining this wonderful group of artists and patrons for another wonderful show this spring!  For more info on this event, CLICK HERE. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan    July 18th, 19th and 20th

I'm super chuffed to make my debut at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair this year!!! I've heard wonderful things about this city and this event, and I'm excited to check it all out, bringing some colorful art along for the ride!  For more info on this event, CLICK HERE.