Upcoming Events and Art Shows

Meet and Greet/Demo Event:  Saturday, March 12th  10am-11am

I'm so excited to bring my collection of painted stitchery to Witter Gallery for the month of March!
This is grouping of prayer flags, large and small, as well as a few sculptural pieces and jewelry, all made from recycled, painted fabrics.  If you are in the neighborhood on Saturday, March 12th, I'd love to see you for the Meet and Greet Event.  I'm bringing my sewing machine and will demo how I begin to piece together my prayer flags.  Hope to see you there! 

“All My Love Unto You” Show Statement

A while back, I was perusing songs and poems, and came upon the line “All My Love Unto You.” It was a verse in a hymn, and it immediately made me think of caretakers. A lot of them women, but not necessarily all of them. I was reminded also of handmade mementos from the past, both large and small. Those creations were made by caretakers as an expression of love and comfort. Each piece in this body of work is a “prayer flag” of sorts….a wish for you to find your source of love and comfort. These are mostly recycled fabrics that I’ve painted and embellished. Torn fragments of cloth that are pieced together again in a fresh way with a new intention. Their scrappy, raw edges are purposeful. After all, we’re all a bit scruffy and unfinished, aren’t we?

Artfest Midwest in Downtown Des Moines
Hy-Vee Convention Center
June 25th and 26th
Can't wait to see you again in downtown Des Moines!  This is such a wonderful INDOOR event!
For more info on this event, click HERE. 

Appleton Art at the Park
Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd and 24th, 2022
I'm excited to return to Appleton for this lovely show in Appleton!  I hope to see you there!  For more details on this wonderful event, CLICK HERE.

Powderhorn Art Fair
Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, MN
August 6th and 7th
This will be my first visit to Powderhorn Park, and I can't wait!  I love Minneapolis!
For more details on this event, click HERE.