iHanna's Spring 2016 Postcard Swap

A close up of one of my postcards

I thought you might like a little peek at my latest postcard creations for iHanna's spring postcard swap for 2016.  I've done this several years in a row now....and it is always so much fun!  For a small fee, Hanna organizes the swap, and she does a great job with it!  You create 10 different handmade/decorated postcards by the deadline, and Hanna sends you the addresses.  I sent them off on time this year....some of them here in the US, some of them in other places around the world!  In exchange, I received 10 unique, lovely cards from 10 different artists. It's such a lovely surprise to find a little gem in your mailbox, amongst all the bills and junk mail!

Here is the entire bunch.  I love seeing them all together!

As you know, I love an inspiring message!  This year, I decided on the "It is within you" theme.  I love the idea of this little message possibly reaching someone at the right time, giving them a little nudge of encouragement to go after something they deserve, or try something new and exciting!  I used heavy mixed media paper, and then scribbled with oil pastels, crayons, and pencils. I added some acrylic paint, and then a few more scribbles.  Lots of fun!!!

Scribbles make me happy!

Think about joining us next time!  Click on the link at the beginning of this post to find iHanna's website, and get on her newsletter so you don't miss it!  It's a great way to stretch your creative muscles, not to mention "meeting"other creatives!   Cheers, friends!