Happy New Year. I want in.

Good morning, friends!  And Happy New Year!!!  Wow, here we are....another trip around the sun!!  So many people are telling me how happy they are that 2016 is over.  I can't say I don't agree.....it was kind of a weird year, eh?  There were days I could've sworn we were in this strange alternate universe.  But no, it was real.  All of it.  (It was real, right....that all really happened?)

I don't want this to turn into a big sad post about how ugly our world is, etc.  You all know there is plenty of ugly out there.  There is darkness, pain and despair. There always has been and there always will be.  But there also has always been light and goodness. 

 And I'm curious....do you feel it?  And see it?  And hear it?

Have you noticed that it is bravely stepping forward more often these days? Speaking up for those who have no voice. Standing in for those who have lost their strength.  Not allowing hurtful language aimed at those who are living their own truth to just fly by unchecked.

I do.  I hear it.  I see it.  And I intend to be a part of it.  I'm wholeheartedly joining the army of light bearers.  Yeah, that's what I wanna be.  A light bearer. Sweeping away cobwebs, and shining the light into the dark forgotten corners. Seeking the truth, standing in and speaking up when necessary.  Shifting my thoughts to love and acceptance, away from judgement and hopelessness. I have met so many strong, loving, beautiful people out there who are gonna crush the darkness with their light.  And. I. Want. In.