Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sacred Heartaches

Happy Hump Day, friends!!!  Just a quick check in with what's happening in the studio these days.  I finally feel like I'm getting my mojo back.  I think.  I've been having some nice, productive days in the studio....playing with some new ideas....and just making whatever I feel like.  Yay!  I'm currently obsessed with sacred hearts in my journal...and have moved that idea to some canvases.  Here are some in progress from the other day.....

Sacred hearts in the sunshiney spot in my studio

I really love the symbolism of a heart with flames leaping from it!!!  If you google "meaning of sacred heart", you can find many interesting stories of what this symbol means in different cultures and religions.  Personally, it reminds me of strength and passion.  I'm excited to make more.  Larger ones, and possibly some sculptures?  Hmmm....

Sweet Princess Elsie Fuzzybutt Cutie Pie

In other news, this is an emotional week here at the Patrick house.  Our sweet girl Elsie has been in decline for a little while now.  She fought (valiantly, I might add) cancer last year.  She had a positive response to the treatment, and was able to enjoy several extra months of life.  I mean, GOOD LIFE.  She has always been our active one...running, fetching, leaping in the air to catch her ball.  She had extra time to do all of that.  It was amazing.....and I can tell she was grateful.  The cancer is returning, and is slowing her down again.  She's very tired and achy.....and I'm thinking a lot about our goodbyes.  I know they are coming soon.  For now, we are keeping her comfortable and loving on her every chance we get.  When she's too tired to get up to greet us, she thumps her tail on the floor to let us know she cares.  It's not fair that such pure, loving souls can't stay longer than they do....but there it is.  Hoping you all are staying warm and cozy and creative through the rest of January!  We're almost there!  February is around the bend now.