My Word a Day Journal and Pop Up Shop Coming Soon!


Good morning pals!  Happy Friday!  We've had cool and cloudy weather this week....and I'm so happy to see the sun shining brightly this morning!  It's supposed to warm up enough later today, that I'll leave the back studio door open for the doggies to come and go.  They love that!  I love this part of spring before the bugs come out.  It's such a narrow window.  Ha!  

How are you?  The Patricks are plugging along.  I can't believe we are halfway through April already.  Eeeek.  There's yard work to be done.  I'm hoping to tackle some of that this weekend.  Our old boy, chocolate lab turned 11 a few days ago.  We are nursing his back leg.  He seems to have tweaked it, so he's on some meds and lots of rest, which doesn't seem to bother him much.  

Alright, on to the news!  I'm prepping for my first retail event of the year....a GREAT BIG, teeny tiny pop up art show!  Details above.  I'll be hanging out in the Marion Chocolate Shop, which is SO MUCH FUN!  BIG THANKS to Gae and Deane for letting me take over their space for the day!  All of the artwork in this show will be SMALL.  Nothing larger than 5x7.  It's going to be fun!  If you're in the area, I hope you'll swing by and say hi!

If you follow me on social media, you probably already know about my "word a day" journal.  I'm taking an old journal used to record workouts (that was hardly used last year because of the pandemic...haha), and I'm doing quick five minute "entries".  Each entry is a swoosh of paint, some scribbles, a few other marks, a piece of collage, and a word that comes to mind.    I'll share a few examples here....but you can see them all on my Instagram page: @patrickdori and on my Facebook page: Dori Patrick Art.  

These have been a great warm up exercise in the studio for me.  It's good to just get your hands moving, and also nice to have a word to focus on for the day.  A good mantra never hurts, does it? 
I hope you are all doing well, friends!  Stay strong and take good care of one another.
Until next time!  -Dori