Good Night, Sweet Prince

Well, things have changed drastically around here since I wrote you last.  We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy, Bosco.  He was the bestest boy that ever was.  So loyal and true.  We woke up New Year's Eve Day, and something had shifted.  He was ready.  It was peaceful and beautiful and heartbreaking.  The house feels empty without him.  But we are doing our best to carry on, and are even finding moments of laughter when we talk about some of the silly things he used to do.  We are all better for being loved by him.

So, as I adjust to being a one doggie household, we are showering Callie Mae with extra attention and snuggles.  I think she kind of misses him a little.  Hard to say, exactly....but we'll go with it.  She has always been good at making us laugh....and she keeps up this daily routine to lighten our spirits.  Thanks, Callie.  XOXO.  More news from the studio coming soon!  I'm bursting with lots of things to share!  But first, I need to take down Christmas and get this house in some kind of working order again.  Much love, and thanks to all of you who have reached out with kind words about our pup.  They truly are members of the family.