Monday Art Journal Peek - March 26th

Happy Monday friends!!!  Here in Iowa, we got one more wintery blast over the weekend.....several inches of snow.  The heavy, sticky kind that is great for making snowmen!  The neighbor boys down the street took this last opportunity to build a tunnel of epic proportions.  I stopped and had a lovely conversation with them, where they clarified each of their individual contributions to the project.  My sweet chocolate lab, Bosco, was a happy boy too...he loves the snow.  It makes him frisky.  And there were lots of new piles for him to mark.  Ha! 

There's a little bit of sleet hitting the windowpanes as I type this today.  My errands are run, and there's no place to be but in the studio, with the space heater warming my toes!  I'm intrigued with working on wood panels right now, so will continue that this afternoon, I believe.

Onward, to this week's journal peek!

This spread was actually made back in mid February.  My brain was kind of all over the place, so I just went with it.  Ha!  Sometimes, my "journaling" is nothing more than scribbling down some lines, and laying down blocks of color.  Sometimes within the lines, sometimes not.  I just allow my mind to wander from one movement to the next.  This color palette is kind of fun for I may reference this for a painting later on down the road.

The girl makes me laugh.  I scribbled her in with pencil, then colored her with water soluble crayons.

I'm obsessed with these weird rose/peony/whatever flowers.....I don't really know, nor care exactly what they are.....I'm drawing them on everything lately.

Here's a closeup of a small section.....those stars and the "peachy" scribble make me happy too.  I hope you are finding joy in all the little scribbles and marks in your day!  Until we meet again!  
Cheers!  -Dori