Monday Art Journal Peek - April 2nd

Good morning friends!  Happy Monday, and happy April!  Did you have an enjoyable holiday weekend?  I can't believe how quickly the time is passing!  CRAZY.  We had a lovely hubby finished up his last theater production for a we might be getting back into some sort of "normal" schedule, whatever "normal" is.  More restful, I guess, and hitting the sack at the same time.  Ha! 

It still feels pretty wintery here.  We are still walking the pup with winter coats, hats and gloves.  I'm ready for warmer temps, but I'm told it will be at least another week or so.  BAH.

Onward to today's journal peek!  Just between you and me, I'm kind of surprised with how this one turned out.  It's not anything close to how I imagined it would be....but that's the point of art journaling, and the fun of it.  Dive in for the adventure, and see where it takes you.  I ended up loving it somewhat in the end...especially the funny figure on the left.

He was a face I had doodled on a scratch piece of paper a while back, and tossed into my collage paper pile.  I ended up with some sort of "body shape", which ended up the perfect place for his sweet face.  I drew him with water soluble graphite.  

There are touches of acrylic paint, water soluble crayons and paint pens.  

On the right, I scribbled and doodled and had fun blocking things out with black paint.  That's becoming my "go to" maneuver when things become to precious or "sweet".  Throw in some black to rough it up.  I've done that with a few canvases lately too.  :)  Hope you are all having a wonderful week, and find time to move your hands in the art supplies.  Adios amigos!  XOXO.