Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Art Journal Peek April 16th

Hello!  Happy Monday!!  WHERE IS SPRING????  Have you seen it????  We are still waiting for some warm weather to stick around.  Thursday, we had a little taste of it....warm and sunny....I got some yard work done.  But it's back to cold and snowy again.  UGH.  We're over it.  But, that keeps me working in the journal...which isn't all bad, I guess.  

I'm still playing around with blocking a lot out with the black paint.  That's fun...and feels a little gutsy, I think.  

And scratching through paint.  That's fun too!  Hope you all have a wonderful week, and let's THINK SPRING!!!


  1. I just discovered you on Pinterest!!!!! And bought a print from your Etsy shop too!!!! I adore your work!!!! Xoxo

    1. Hi there!!! Nice to "meet" you! And thanks for your purchase!!! XOXO!!!


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