Trio of Abstracts

Good morning pals!!!  Happy Monday!  Another week on the way!  What are you up to?  Here at the casa, the hubby and I are tackling little home projects here and there.  For me, more planting, weeding and mulching in one of our back retaining walls.  For him, cleaning out a long neglected closet so that I may expand my art storage in the office!  Hooray!  Nothing is done, and everything is halfway completed.  But we are making progress.  That counts for something, right? With the cool weather, we will likely work on it a bit here and there throughout the week.  This afternoon is going to be a FULL ON STUDIO DAY for me.  I'm itching to get my hands in some paint again, and I have a couple of special orders to complete.

Just thought I'd pop in and show you this trio.  I actually created the paintings a few weeks ago, and then found myself at a loss of what to do with them.  So they floundered and hung around the studio for a while before I figured it out!  

They measure 6"x6" and are done on this FABULOUS handmade paper I found when we were in Paris last year.  Heavy, textured, gorgeous cotton paper with a deckled edge.  I finally figured out, while perusing my frame collection, that I could mount the little paintings on a larger board (8"x8") and pop them into these graphic black frames I had on hand.  Bingo!  

The black frame is just what they needed to become cohesive, and to "pop", as they say in the biz. 
I listed them over the weekend, and they found their forever home....all three together!  Feeling so happy!  I mailed them off this morning. 

Some of these closeups give you an idea of the heavy texture in the paper, which I find so yummy!!!
Now the trick will be to avoid treating this paper as "precious" and just get back to slapping paint on a few new pieces!  Onward!  Have a wonderful week, friends!  

Oh, I almost forgot, I received official word this morning that Artfest Midwest in Des Moines has been cancelled due to covid19.  It's the right choice...the safe choice....but I know it was a tough choice.  I will miss seeing my Des Moines friends!!  But I look forward to seeing you next year!  Cheers, and make it a great day!  -Dori