Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Flower Paintings and other Distractions

Good morning kids!  How can we be nearly halfway through May already?  It just doesn't seem possible.  The weeks have been flying by, yet also feel 6 months long.  Definitely strange times we are living in.  How are you???  Are you sick of people asking that?  It's kind of my go to greeting in texts/emails/correspondence these days....I genuinely am curious, but don't blame you if you are sick of answering that question!  Ha!  I do hope you are hanging in there.  I guess right now, it's all about putting one foot in front of the other.....rinse....and repeat.  

To all the mamas....Happy Day after Mother's Day!!!! I hope it was grand, and you were spoiled!  I had a brief visit with my kiddos...the hubby made breakfast, and I may or may not have consumed a couple of glasses of champagne.  Feeling blessed, for sure.

About a week ago, my hubby and I took a lovely drive to Storm Lake to pick up the paintings from the Burn Bright show at Witter Gallery.  I am so grateful for that opportunity!!!  Cindy and the gang there made the most of a strange situation....that being, an exhibition during a pandemic.  They helped me promote it online with great photos, projects and videos, and I'm happy to report that several pieces were sold.  I loved working with them...they are good people.  

With that behind me, I've been focusing on other projects here at home.  I've been digging around in some flower beds, moving things around, and tackling a few more long overdue improvements around the house....like painting the front door, and giving the back patio steps a fresh coat of paint.  I thought I'd pop in today with a burst of color, and show you the itty bitty teeny tiny flower bouquets I made recently.  I can't even tell you how much fun they were to do!  SO MUCH FUN!  These baby canvases measure 2" x 4".  Can you even stand it? These were snapped up in my Etsy shop....but I'll definitely make more.  Flowers continue to inspire me in my work...it's hard to imagine ever stopping.  So I'll keep going.  Okay?  Okay.  

Happy Monday, peeps!  Keep putting that good shit out into the world.  We need it.  XOXO. -Dori