Art Journal Cover Closeup

Happy Tuesday, friends!  We are tucked into the big yellow house today, as another round of ice and snow come down!  The temps have gone up a little, which is nice....but those roads are slick!  Bosco the chocolate lab, LOVES this weather.  He loves rooting around in the white stuff.  I'm not sure what he's hunting for...but he's very busy!  

Today, I'm sharing a peek at the cover an art journal.  This is the one I shared in the recent journal flip video.  As I mentioned before, it's an old library book.....a picture book of whirligigs and weather vanes.  I love the added patterns and images that old books provide.  Most of the time, everything in the book gets covered up...but occasionally a bit will peek through now and then.  

I tend to save the covers for last.  I'm not sure why that started...but it's what I do.  It's kind of fun for the outer shell of the book to reflect where you ended up when you finished it, I guess.  I'm currently doing a lot of really busy abstract work.  Lots of scribbles and scrapes, and unusual color combos.  So that's what showed up on this lovely red fabric cover.  I hope you enjoy the textures and layers that developed.  Thanks for peeking!!!  -Dori