Art Journal Peek - January 7th 2018

Hi friends!!!  I'm popping in with a quick art journal peek for you!  I'm hoping to get back in the habit of making this a regular feature on the blog.  I've been really into making SUPER BUSY ABSTRACTS....and that's no exception in my journal pages.  You can probably see there is a lot of texture on this spread.  I laid things on THICK. 

 I remember feeling a little heavy when I made this, as I was thinking of several friends who are going through a hard time right now.  That's where the words came, in the end.  

This spread is in a recycled altered book....and you name it, I think I threw it on there:  acrylics, markers, graphite, ink, pastels and collage.  The final message is written in pencil, and then I sealed it with a matte medium to prevent smudging of the more delicate materials.  

My art journal is, and always will be the place where I can just "work shit out".
Know what I mean?
I always feel better after a session of moving my hands.
Cheers, and happy Monday.  -Dori