Hey you, you rock!

Hi gang!!!  Thought you might like a peek at a recently completed project.  It was delivered to the recipients late last week, so it's safe for me to share now.  Ha!  This is a 30x40 canvas that was commissioned by the Marion Public Library as a gift to their staff.  It will hang on their freshly painted gray wall, inside their vestibule, where everyone arrives for work.  They will see this lively reminder every day as they enter the building.  Isn't that fun?   

I had so much fun creating this one!!!  I'm really into the abstract shapes, repeating patterns, and scribbly bits.  Lord, do I love me some scribbly bits!!!  And texture!!!  Love all the texture that showed up in this one!!!

Did you have a lovely weekend?  We had a rather busy one, which involved lots of socializing, and some overeating.  EEEK!  We are looking forward to getting back into our quiet routine this week.  
I've got several long studio days scheduled to finish a few large projects.  And lots of little project ideas are brewing in my buzzing brain that I'm ready to bring to life.  Stay tuned!!!!