So back in May.....I did these wings.  Did I tell you that?  May was my last month of running my store front in uptown Marion....I was winding things down...but my sweet friends Gae and Deane at The Chocolate Shop wanted me to leave behind a happy mark.  So we concocted the idea of butterfly wings that folks could pose in front of and have their picture taken. 

 Sweet, sweet Deane....he allowed me to sketch them on some large pieces of plywood, and he cut them out, sanded and primed them so I could do my thing.  On a joyous Sunday, rocking out to some awesome music, I banged out the colorful markings that would become this happy little landmark in Marion.

When I let Gae see them for the first time, she cried.  Which made me cry.  Which made us giggle, and realize that this was going to be a really, really good thing.  For all of us.  Gae has even started a Facebook page...so if you are local, stop by, take a pic, and share it HERE.

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies."  -Anonymous