Goodbye September

It's the end of September already???  WHAT?  I feel like it just WHIZZED RIGHT BY.  My mom warned me about this....that time flies by faster as you get older.  DANG.

On today's plate:  get some good booth shots, so I can attempt to enter some art shows in 2017!  A sweet, sweet friend is stopping by who knows a thing or two about photography....she's taking the pics for me.  I just need to set up my tent, and display my artwork on the front lawn before she gets here.  What's comical is there is a garage sale going on two houses down....I hope they don't get confused. HA!

Here is a journal spread I did earlier this week.  It didn't occur to me until today, that water and barriers have been on everyone's mind...and maybe that's what I was working out here. Good news....flooding in CR has been much, much less than anticipated.  We'll take it.  Happy Friday, friends.