More in the journal

What is it about the journal that is so freeing???  It's crazy, how "in the moment" and almost "zen-like" it is to layer and paint in the journal.  Perhaps it's the thought that it's just a page.  If I don't like harm done, just turn the page and move on.  So much less intimidating than a canvas you've spent good money on, right?

Here is another spread I worked on a couple days ago.  I've been trying to challenge myself by both limiting my palette, and covering up things that I love, in an effort to push past the attachment that holds me back.

In other news, our community has dodged a bullet, of sorts.  The Cedar didn't crest as high as predicted, and where it has flooded, the emergency temp walls are holding so far.  Heck yes!!!  Everyone is ready to get on with life around here.

Happy Hump Day, friends.